Gymnastics Classes Preschool – 2nd half of Autumn term 2020

As promised we are getting in touch with you with an update after our first half term back at gym. 

We were hoping to be able to move to the next stage of opening this half term but unfortunately as British Gymnastics still has the No Contact rule in place (between gymnasts and coaches to ensure that the classes are “Covid Safe”) we will not be able to restart Preschool classes or invite new gymnasts along for Tasters yet.   

Our youngest gymnasts often need support in activities, for instance, while walking along a beam or vaulting but the No Contact rule puts our Coaches in a difficult position as they are not allowed to physically assist gymnasts, eg. no hand holding or assisting balance.

We have discussed adding an additional coach to these classes but unfortunately this would not address the main issue which is that the coaches are not allowed to have contact with the gymnasts.   

I’m sorry that we don’t have more positive news to share, but we continue to be hopeful that at some point we will be able to restart all of our classes and offer your children a Covid Safe environment to take part in gym.